Wednesday, 15 February 2017

List of items the Cricut can cut

Acetate 3mm
Acetate 5mm*
Aluminum Foil
Aluminum Metal
Art Board Matt Frame*
Cardstock Solid Core 
Cardstock White Core
Cardstock Adhesive Backed  
Cardstock Glitter*
Cardstock Craft
Cereal Box
Chipboard Heavy 0.7mm*
Chipboard Light 0.55mm
Cork-board Adhesive Backed*
Cutting Mat Protector 
Duct tape
Fabric Bonded
Fabric Bonded Light Weight
Fabric Bonded Heavy Weight
Fabric Burlap Bonded
Fabric Cotton Bonded
Fabric Denim Bonded 
Fabric Duck Cloth
Fabric Flannel
Fabric Linen Bonded
Fabric Oil Cloth Bonded
Fabric Polyester Bonded
Fabric Printable
Fabric Light Woven Burlap Bonded
Felt Glitter Bonded*
Felt Stiffend Bonded*
Felt Wool
Foam Craft*
Foam Craft Glitter*
Foam Distressed 2.3mm
Foam Plush 2.2mm
Foil Adhesive backed
Freezer Paper
Grocery Bag Paper
Iron-on Flocked
Iron-on Glitter
Iron-on Lite
Iron-on Printable
Leather Faux
Leather Heavy*
Leather Light 1.4mm*
Leather Medium 1.8mm*
Leather Shimmer*
Magnet Sheet Printable*
Magnetic Sheet*
Paper Construction
Paper Copy
Paper Flocked
Paper Glitter Epoxy Printed
Paper Glitter Lightweight
Paper Handmade
Paper Heavy Office 20lb
Paper Heavy Watercolour 140lb
Paper Kraft
Paper Mulberry Foil
Paper Notebook
Paper Parchment
Paper Pearl
Paper Photo
Paper Printed
Paper Printed Lightweight
Paper Sticker
Paper Tissue
Plastic Prepackaging
Post It Notes
Poster Board
Poster Board Metallic
Rice Paper
Soda Can
Tattoo Paper Temporary 
Vellum Metallic
Vinyl Chalkboard
Vinyl Dry Erase
Vinyl Glitter
Vinyl Metallic
Vinyl Premium Outdoor
Vinyl Printable
Vinyl Stencil
Washi Sheets
Washi Tape
Wax Paper
Window Cling
Wood Veneer
Wood Adhesive Backed*
Wood Balsa*
Wood Birch*
Wrapping Paper

That's 101!

*requires Cricut Explore® Deep Cut Blade

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