Wednesday, 26 April 2017

After a break I'm back with the Cricut

At first I was oh, *dang* it still wont work!!! But I had given the next week over to making ....something so I carried on! Bloody CRICUT it hates me I mumbled. First it said I needed to update my Acrobat I did. Then I needed to re-boot I did. Then it said I needed to update Acrobat I used rude words. They worked and I was allowed in. 
Next I went to the design centre and looked for something to cut out,  found something and tried to cut it out but it said I needed to pay for it! It had the green (a) meaning it was free with a years subscription... I had the subscription! THEN I realised I had not logged in! Oops!!! That would explain a lot, so I went back to the main page and logged in.
So back to the design centre and watch the wheel go round.. and round...and round???? WTF?
OK, try again...same???
Click on something and get a 'updating/downloading message'?
Make a cup of tea and still the wheel is turning!
Try again...same! Log out ...Log in....same!
Log out try again design centre opens but I can't use it as I'm not logged in!!!WTF?
So then I notice you can log in once you are in the design centre by using the drop down box on the left IT WORKED!

ow back to the Cricut machine...
Found  pattern AND CUT IT OUT!

Repeat just to be sure AND IT WORKED

So now it's time to go small and work out how to make this stuff work in my doll world

Next I decided to have a look at all the items available to subscribers all 33072 of them. Of course you can design your own as well. 
After an hour my eyes started to boggle and that's when I decided to write this an go back to the Cricut page later. 

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