Friday, 28 April 2017

Going Small

What can I make for fashion dolls with my Cricut?
Cards, Invitations, Envelopes, Books, Shopping Bags, Signs, Labels, Boxes, Holiday Decorations.
Then something more interesting.... Fretwork frames and panels, Doors, Shelves.
Plus, logo's on fabrics like bags, tops cushions and detailing on fabric's. 
I'm sure there will be other things as I go along.... 
I have been collecting a few items to use with my Cricut over the last few months.
These items are made by the Cricut company but do work out more expensive than generic items that I'm sure would be just as good.
 Look out for deals on the Cricut website or on Amazon.
Card of all colours and thickness
 Sticky back plastic
 Foam both normal and sticky back and glitter
 Coloured film, plastic, Perspex, Plexiglas  
 Glitter and patterned card 
 Mirror paper and textured card
 Wrapping paper
 Tissue paper
 Wood effect sticky back plastic
 Patterned paper
 More patterned paper

The Cricut will also cut most fabrics and leather but I don't have enough room to show all of these LOL

I've stuck with using plain paper and card for now to save money and the last two days have been a mix of fun and frustration.
Finding things to make small was easy but not always workable. Some were just to small when cut to make and another issue was how to fit things together once cut. I contacted Cricut about the later and apparently there is a web page with the details of most of the items. Making things small and using computer paper was not always the way to go either as once you pealed it from the low tac mat it rolled up.
But these items came out OK, and with a few small adjustments will most certainly work.
 Drinks carrier. The cut outs I can use as lids. A Chinese take-out carton. I tried a more fancy one but it was a disaster but I might try it again in a larger size. I think the card was maybe a little think and not so easy to manipulate as a thinner card? 
 A couple of small boxes could work well as mini doll boxes?
 Next up some sort of wedding invitation set. I thought they would be to small but actually worked.

 Lastly a couple of box files with 'TOP SECRET' on them, this worked out very well.

What did not work was putting more than one print/cut item on a page at once. Just worked out a hot mess!

Next I wanted to try something of my own. Under the 'Insert Image' is the 'upload image' button and you can use this to upload a picture/design of your own or one from the net (copyright permitting). Then it all went wrong! The Adobe shockwave plugin kept crashing. I tried re-booting and all that stuff but nope! I use Chrome and found that Chrome is not compatible as it has it's own shockwave? So removed it, added it, re-booted it, changed it and no idea what else I tried??? Anyway the end result is I have NO shockwave and it won't up/down load until I turn of Chrome??? How the heck do you do THAT??? Soooo I will have to see if I can install Cricut on my ipad instead of using it on my computer until I can find someone to sort it all out! 
Must add here that this is NOT down to the Cricut but my stupidity and lack of computer knowledge. 

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